In House NOT a Reseller

car number oneMost novice vehicle owners have no idea that the european market is littered with resllers who all claim to be the best and do their own mapping. What we have learned is that with the extensive cost and intense knowledge required to remap Bosch, Siemens & dephi ecu few do it themselves. Dont fall victim to a reseller. Ask if they can do something specifc and custom to your vehicle; if they cant there are almost gauranteed to be a reseller. Get it right the first time conatct us.

Custom Tuning

car number oneWe are well capable of assisting with product development and R&D. Do you have a product for a new platform what requires anywhere from a basic to extensive ecu remap. Be it a new supercharger kit or even turbo kit we are ready for the task. With us behind your engine management adjustments the skies are almost limitless. Contact us today so a quote.


car number oneWith an extended level of experience from the Grassroots levels up to full Cup Car Teams; EFI Logic has you covered. What we deliver is not a resold generic flash from a so-called tuner but actual proven results from dyno & track side testing. We provide onsite analysis using state of the art datalogging equiment. With the best tools at our disposal you’re assured a quality product