Languages Supported by Free TTS

free tts supports more than 35 languages. That means you can convert your audio into over 35 different languages in different dialects and voices.

All you need to do is to visit the settings page and to the language options to change to the language that you want.

You can also choose different voices and dialects in these languages. For example, if you choose Hindi, you have the option to choose either a Hindu female voice or male voice.

Similarly, you also have the freedom to choose the dialect and adjust the speed and the pitch.

There are many reasons why you would want to use different languages. Here are some of them:

Better understanding

Converting text to speech in your language will help you understand the concept better than having to read or listen to it in English or a language that’s not your first.

Learn a new language

If you are learning a new language, converting texts into that particular language will help you in your learning process.

Grow your business

Giving customers an option to choose the language they most understand in your business app or website is going to help you retain and even broaden your clientele.

Expand your audience

Content creators can best leverage this method to increase their audience by giving them an option to choose their language.

Improve communication

Communicate effectively to different people from different parts of the world by converting text to audio in different languages.

Freedom to choose your language

If you fancy reading and listening in your language then this could be your go-to option. Just choose your language and enjoy.

Improve customer service

If you are a business owner, giving multiple language options to your customers means effective communication and understanding, which translate to better customer service and customer retention.